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  • Sister project in Ubuntu to Debian Eee PC

    I was pleased to learn through Christer Edwards of the existence of a sister project in Ubuntu to our Debian Eee PC project. I followed up on his invitation to drop in on their irc channel and introduce myself. I’ve been looking over the bugs listed on their TODO to see if any are applicable […]

  • Ichthux and Ubuntu CE: Why two projects?

    Barbicane asked me the other day: “Why Ichthux and Ubuntu CE? Why not consolidate efforts?” As much as I’d like to see Ubuntu CE succeed, I believe they are headed down a path that will make it difficult for them to survive if they continue. In this thread (see Google cache since the forums seem […]

  • Ichthux, a joint Debian/Ubuntu project

    Whew. Ichthux has released, and now I can breathe again! When I joined the Ichthux development team, they had produced their “proof of concept” release as yet-another-Knoppix-remaster. At that time, I encouraged them to move away from tacking their work on as a derivate of a derivative and instead become a CDD. I argued that […]

  • Keeping free software projects fun as they grow

    On the whole I agree with Erich. Subprojects are key to preserving positive energy as a free software project scales. But I wouldn’t say the ill effects suffered by projects as they age is just “a matter of size”. And I wouldn’t de-emphasize the importance of guidelines like the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and the […]