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  • Retiring as a Debian developer

    This is a repost and update of my retirement letter sent privately to Debian last month, July 10, 2016. At that time I received many notes of appreciation and good wishes which I treasure. Now, I’d like to say goodbye to the broader Debian community and, as well, indicate which of the cleanup items have […]

  • Taskwarrior new blog, getting involved

    The Taskwarrior Team has just started a blog, kicking it off with a series of articles about development of Taskwarrior itself. Go, team! Almost from the moment I started using Taskwarrior (thanks to Jakub WIlk for an excellent job maintaining this) I knew I had finally found the todo system that I could love. Right […]

  • Bumpy Typo blog upgrade: mod_fcgid 1.10 -> 2.1

    For some time I have ignored my blog so I did not notice that when my co-admin upgraded our system from etch to lenny, it broke. When I found some time to look at it, it turned out to be because the blog was no longer running in production mode, so it pointed at the […]