Hike at Blomidon Park: Late Summer, 2015

I had the wonderful privilege to go camping and hiking with my kids’ scouting group, the Pathfinders of Tantallon SDA church. The day started with a quick trip to Pugwash with one of the leaders to bring back some chairs to their school, and then we headed back out to Blomidon to meet up with the group. Click the photo below to start the slideshow.

The road trip started early to fetch some chairs
The road trip started early to fetch some chairs – click to start
The smudgy truck windows make an interesting filter Still an hour or more away from our first stop More funky filtering, this time with trees participating Wentworth valley – taken over the cluttered dash We disturbed a great blue heron’s breakfast at Wallace The beach at Pugwash SDA Camp where we loaded the chairs Trucking along past Truro After dropping off chairs, finally approaching Blomidon Getting very close to Blomidon Some bikers out to enjoy the views Interesting white berries Interesting red berries My first up close look at the point with my hiking buddy, Dave, on the first day An experimental panorama. Not sure I have the knack for keeping the horizon straight. We must bring the group out here tomorrow! Fast ringneck snake! Hard to get a clear shot Pre-dawn over the campground The first blush of coming dawn The Moon and Venus just before dawn Evergreens surrounding our camp site, pre-dawn Seems I’m still the only one up Half of the tents on the spacious group site Half of the tents on the spacious group site My daughter, the artist My two youngest and their best friend Some relaxing down time after breakfast Not sure who said what, but apparently they were hilarious. 🙂 The smoke was a bit much for my eldest Geoff entertaining the troops Dave making breakfast Dave making breakfast Breakfast just wrapping up Relaxing while we finish breakfast Looks like that needs some tweaking A bit too smoky The whole group The whole group Just goofing around Who’s winning? Enjoying the last embers of the breakfast fire before heading to Jodrey Trail I admire this young lady’s great eye for photography She has some sweet gear A lot of old hardwoods out here Dave did this hike with me yesterday – Excellent hiking buddy! Words can’t describe how much more stunning these views are in person All the cameras came out Got to get that perfect shot! A tree clinging to the eroding ground above the sheer cliff A lookoff on Jodrey Trail A lookoff on Jodrey Trail Lining up her shot /a> A lookoff on Jodrey Trail A lookoff on Jodrey Trail A lookoff on Jodrey Trail A fern with sharply serrated sturdy leaves I’m not familiar with Breaking camp at group site 404 One final chance to enjoy the view from the park entrance before heading home
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4 responses to “Hike at Blomidon Park: Late Summer, 2015”

  1. Quick trip from Tantallon to Pugwash (Gulf Shore really)?? Isn’t that 2 hours each way, and then another hour+ to Blomidon? Sounds like a long day before you even got hiking. Blomidon would be worth it though. I love that park. And much easier hiking for kids than Cape Split.

    Nice to see Nova Scotia content on Planet Debian. It came as a big surprise to this fellow Bluenoser.

  2. Yes, Mark. We set out at 6:20, drove a couple of hours each way and then a couple more hours to Blomidon. The kids didn’t have to suffer that, though. They set out much later and struck camp a couple of hours before our arrival. Their chosen activity for the afternoon was wading at low tide down at the beach while Dave and I scouted out the trail. Well worth the extra effort to get to do it twice!

    Agreed re. Cape Split, btw. We were all talking as we hiked about maybe doing that one too, but only taking the hardiest hikers of our group – two of the older teens, all the adults, and whoever else is truly up to it.

  3. Awesome pictures Ben,,, Denise and I enjoyed them and a chance to reminisce. We will look through them again and pic the ones we want for our “end of year Pathfinder Investiture”
    Thanks for the memories

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