Bluff Wilderness Trail Hike, Summer 2014

Happy to be back from our yearly hike with my friend, Ryan Neily, on the Bluff Wilderness Trail. We’re proud of our achievement, hiking all four loops. Including the trip to and from the head of the trail, that was 30 km in all. Exhausting, but well worth it.

On the trip we bumped into one of the people from WRWEO who helps to maintain the trail, and stopped for a bit to talk to swap stories and tips about hiking the trail. Kudos to Nanci for helping keep this trail beautiful and accessible. We really appreciate the tireless work of this organization, and the thought they’ve put into it. It’s a treasure!

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3 responses to “Bluff Wilderness Trail Hike, Summer 2014”

  1. Hi Ben,
    Lovely to get your note forwarded from David (our WRWEO inbox). Wonderful photos and comments. Very much appreciated. It makes all of the work worthwhile to know that you are out there enjoying all four loops. I had a great weekend camping too. See you on the trail.

    Warm regards, Nanci

  2. Nanci,

    I’m glad WRWEO got my feedback. When I didn’t hear back in so long, I wondered. We’ll be keeping our eye out for future activities of the WRWEO. Maybe we’ll cross paths again.


  3. It’s a year later and as I prepare for next weekend’s hike with Ryan again, this time also inviting my new hiking buddy Ross, I’m now fully involved in WRWEO as a result of that first contact with Nanci out on the trail, turning up regularly for board meetings and taking an active role in the administration of their site. I look back at this photo set with fondness, and hope to soon to make another post with some more shots of memories from this year’s hike.

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