Sister project in Ubuntu to Debian Eee PC

I was pleased to learn through Christer Edwards
of the existence of a sister project in Ubuntu to our Debian Eee PC project. I followed up on his invitation to drop in on their irc channel and introduce myself. I’ve been looking over the bugs listed on their TODO to see if any are applicable to Debian. Already I have filed #479217 based on the corresponding bug in Ubuntu, and have encouraged them to check out ours as well. I look forward to sharing more with them in the future so we can benefit from each other’s work.

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3 responses to “Sister project in Ubuntu to Debian Eee PC”

  1. Since Ubuntu is a child distribution of debian and Ubuntu/Eeepc a child project of Ubuntu, I think this is a nephew project of Debian/Eeepc 🙂

  2. As for being a nephew project, patou, why not niece? 🙂 In any event, Debian and Ubuntu each being full-fledged distributions in their own right, I see us as being on an equal footing with just as much to gain from each other, so “sister” fits best.

    Nice to see you, too, Christer. We’ll stay in touch.

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