Atheros patch makes wifi work for Debian-eeepc

Atheros has released a AR5007EG chipset patch that makes wifi work for Debian on the Eee PC.

I have used the instructions in the ticket to build and install the patched driver. As noted in the comments, you’ll need the snapshot, not the latest release source for the patch to apply cleanly.

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5 responses to “Atheros patch makes wifi work for Debian-eeepc”

  1. Sound works without any modifications to Debian. Suspend works with a few config tweaks. That needs a bit of work to properly integrate with Debian’s acpi-support package. I haven’t yet tried hibernate, but then again I don’t have a swap partition to hold the hibernate image so I can make the best use of the small ssd. Video out (VGA) works. For best results (at least on sid, and probably lenny as well,) remove HorizSync and VertRefresh from your /etc/X11/xorg.conf so that X can ask the attached monitor for appropriate values and properly compute the best mode to use. The forum and wiki have lots of notes about optimal configs for the Eee.

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