Debian-eeepc now has atl2 ethernet

With Kel Modderman’s help, we now have a working atl2 driver for the Eee PC. This brings the Debian-eeepc project one step closer to providing a pure Debian replacement for the Xandros OS that ships with the unit. Now that Asus has released the GPLed source that was missing before, we now just have to ensure both the atl2 and asus_acpi modules get merged upstream.

The driver for the wifi in the Eee isn’t under the GPL, however, and therefore only works on the Xandros kernel provided with the default OS. Since I really can’t live without wifi and it is not my first choice to buy replacement hardware, in the interim, I’m living with using the Xandros kernel and modules on Debian. I can learn from studying the Xandros components in action, but it’s not a solution I’m happy with in the long term. The Debian-eeepc project’s goal is to produce a pure Debian solution, at least as far as that is possible given the hardware present in an unmodified system. On that front, I think the best bet is for ath5k to support the particular Atheros chip in the Eee. (Yes, I know about ndiswrapper, but for both technical and philosophical reasons I won’t use it.)

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3 responses to “Debian-eeepc now has atl2 ethernet”

  1. Merging asus_acpi upstream? Isn’t that already done (at least asus_laptop)?
    Thanks for your work. I was discussing the Eee PC with a friend and an owner just a few days ago, and the situation looked pretty bad. This is great news!

  2. BTW, there seems to be a problem with previewing on your blog:
    Application error (Apache)
    Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html

  3. No, the asus_acpi provided by Asus for the Eee is required to make the Eee work. The one in the kernel won’t work with the Eee.

    Thanks for pointing out the problem with preview. I’ll look into that.

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