Launcher for xjig adds open dialog and file conversion

I have long recognized that to be usable by young kids, xjig really needs a better user interface. So I wrote a launcher, xjig-menu to address the problem. It adds a file open dialog (via zentiy) and support for more file formats (via imagemagick).


I have put this script in subversion and added a man page. Check it out:

  $ svn co svn://

or browse the repository.

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4 responses to “Launcher for xjig adds open dialog and file conversion”

  1. Excellent!

    In the past I wrote a script for Nautilus that added an option to the context menu, so we’d right click on a picture -> Script -> Jigsaw and it would convert the image to a gif and run xjig. It even supported selecting multiple images…

    It received a high wife approval factor at the time. 🙂

  2. Cool. I thought of doing something like that, but wanted to make a non-desktop-specific solution. Still, I’d like to see it if you’ve posted it somewhere.

  3. Sorry, new to Linux, running Kubuntu. Tried to install xjig, but the only thing I can see is the sample picture, no menu so far. How do I accomplish this?
    Thanks, Will

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