Year: 2007

  • Fr-eee-dom: roaming on the bus with wpa_supplicant

    As I wrote earlier, I bought an Eee PC to use on the bus. Initially, I only used it offline to do some Debian packaging and blogging, but I soon discovered that I could do a few things online on the many open networks on my daily commute. While the connections are normally brief in […]

  • Atheros patch makes wifi work for Debian-eeepc

    Atheros has released a AR5007EG chipset patch that makes wifi work for Debian on the Eee PC. I have used the instructions in the ticket to build and install the patched driver. As noted in the comments, you’ll need the snapshot, not the latest release source for the patch to apply cleanly.

  • Debian-eeepc now has atl2 ethernet

    With Kel Modderman’s help, we now have a working atl2 driver for the Eee PC. This brings the Debian-eeepc project one step closer to providing a pure Debian replacement for the Xandros OS that ships with the unit. Now that Asus has released the GPLed source that was missing before, we now just have to […]

  • Debian-eeepc: the ideal mobile text editing device realized

    The search for the ideal mobile text editing device is over. While the price was well over my original budget, we’ve since gone ahead and splurged on two new Eee PCs: one for me, one for my wife. In the end, I think it will be worth it because these systems are capable of far […]

  • Bumpy Typo blog upgrade: mod_fcgid 1.10 -> 2.1

    For some time I have ignored my blog so I did not notice that when my co-admin upgraded our system from etch to lenny, it broke. When I found some time to look at it, it turned out to be because the blog was no longer running in production mode, so it pointed at the […]

  • The children of Debian

    Who are the next generation of Debianists? Are they all still coming to us out of different OS backgrounds, or do we now have the significant beginnings of a home grown generation, born and raised in Debian-using families and now making their voices heard? I hope that Debian Jr. will encourage this kind of generational […]

  • Moved Debian Jr. repository to Alioth

    A little remembered fact is that the Debian Jr. project had a directory in the subversion repository of the CDD project at Alioth. Aside from Andreas Tille’s experimental conversion of Debian Jr. to use cdd-dev1, there was nothing else there until today. While I was in the process of populating this directory with the junior-* […]

  • Launcher for xjig adds open dialog and file conversion

    I have long recognized that to be usable by young kids, xjig really needs a better user interface. So I wrote a launcher, xjig-menu to address the problem. It adds a file open dialog (via zentiy) and support for more file formats (via imagemagick). Update I have put this script in subversion and added a […]

  • live-helper progress

    Now that live-helper1 has superceded live-package I have a config for the junior livecd work-in-progress in the debian-live repository: sudo apt-get install live-helper svn co svn:// sudo make-live –root junior &>make-live.log This will build a usb image for the gnome-junior package list. If you want a regular iso image or want to try the kde-junior […]

  • make-live -p gnome-junior

    Ever since I started working towards a Debian Jr. livecd back in November, I’ve played off and on with qemu, approx and debian-live. Yesterday, I took another kick at the can. Being frustrated with make-live’s inability to combine two package lists, Daniel Baumann came to my rescue, promptly commiting and then releasing live-package 0.99.23-1 with […]