Xautomation: visually grepping for gui elements

In my first article about testing tuxpaint with xautomation, I mentioned that I wasn’t happy with hardwiring button positions. But before I could proceed, I discovered a bug in xautomation that prevented me from using visgrep to search for the “Yes” button in tuxpaint screenshots. Fortunately, the fix was straightforward enough after reading the libpng man page.

At the same time, I also decided to borrow an idea from the example scripts in the xmacro package. Running the test script on the tester’s own display may be fine for developing the script, but it is nice to be able to run it on a virtual display after the kinks are worked out. For one thing, the test doesn’t get in the way of other things when you’re waiting for it to finish. For another, it is much easier to control the test environment. Xvfb is perfect for this.

The resulting script requires tuxpaint, Xvfb, xautomation with the above patch applied, xbase-clients and Imagemagick.

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