Tinkerer and explorer

Always a tinkerer and an explorer, I’ve known I wanted to self-host a blog for some time. Blog hosting sites have their pluses, but I couldn’t resist making something distinctively mine with cool technology like the Rails-based Typo. Besides, I couldn’t be outdone by my wife, who has for months now kept a successful knitting blog. The time has come.

Syn.theti.ca will include ideas about programming at work and play, Debian development, home-based learning, kids and family, or whatever else strikes my fancy or seems noteworthy at the time. No lofty goals, in other words. Just a place to collect my thoughts and connect up to the blogosphere.

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One response to “Tinkerer and explorer”

  1. Grats on your blog! You’ve helped renew my interest in my own 😉 Thanks and I’ll be watching my feed for new entries!

    Added Ariannah’s one too, although my knitting expertise is VERY limited.

    – Steph

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