Year: 2006

  • Xautomation: visually grepping for gui elements

    In my first article about testing tuxpaint with xautomation, I mentioned that I wasn’t happy with hardwiring button positions. But before I could proceed, I discovered a bug in xautomation that prevented me from using visgrep to search for the “Yes” button in tuxpaint screenshots. Fortunately, the fix was straightforward enough after reading the libpng […]

  • Video hub: Why stream at all?

    In response to Home video hub on a shoestring, Justin asked, “Why not just stream the media over cifs/nfs/sshfs?” Why indeed? Well, as my fellow amateur Internet broadcaster Justin Zeigler (coincidentally of the same first name) observed, “some people mistake the unix way as doing things the oldest way possible.” There are niceties streaming video […]

  • A pcsx mythgame player using xautomation

    Scripting a gui tester for Tuxpaint with xautomation was fun and quite useful too, but really only appeals to developers. Today I found use for xautomation that will appeal to sys admins and users: hacking around a user interface that refuses to work the way it ought to. I wanted to add another mythgame player, […]

  • Home video hub on a shoestring

    In our family, we have centralized all our best entertainment technology in a single system, a white box amd64 with PVR, 3D graphics, 1G, a 21” monitor, DVD burner and VCR. A number of older, far less capable systems have always surrounded this “hub”. A K6-2/400 with a less-than wonderful ATI Rage IIc graphics card […]

  • Towards a Debian Jr. Live CD

    Debian Jr. development revived Recently there has been some lively discussion on the Debian Jr. list about how to arrange an account for a child of 1 to 3 years of age. Suggestions included using set-top box software like Freevo, tailoring DEs with panels and large buttons, using simpler WMs like fvwm, or using an […]

  • Mythgame player to run native Linux games

    I recently started to be aware of a problem in our family. Ever since we configured Mythgame to run Xmame games, we started to ignore native Linux games. This is a shame, because often the quality of such games is much higher, and besides, they are open source, which I strongly believe in. I looked […]

  • Tuxpaint GUI testing with xautomation

    Tuxpaint could be a poster child for l10n. It has translations now for 68 different locales. The large number of locales poses somewhat of a problem for testing1. Tuxpaint 0.9.16 just released. During the release preparation, the manual testing of all of these locales drove me nearly insane. So to help out next time, I […]

  • Adequate mobile text editing device

    Ideal mobile text editing device redux As I read the responses1 to my search for the ideal mobile text editing device, reality began to set in. The heating season is now upon us, and even used technology meeting my criteria would likely exceed my stated budget. Furthermore, I’d risk replacing my current issues with a […]

  • Apt verb

    In the English language, it is so trivial to create new words. In no domain is this quite so evident as the world of computers. Thus, informally amongst Debian users, you’ll often hear “apt-get it” or simply “apt it” which has the virtue of being equally apt a term for using aptitude. Now, I have […]

  • Ideal mobile text-editing device

    Dear Lazyweb, I’m looking for a small, (easily fits on my lap on the cramped seat of a bus,) inexpensive, (around $100 CAD,) mobile text-editing device with a 90%-sized keyboard and decent battery life that runs an open source OS and Vim, and that I can sync to my desktop system. My first mobile device […]